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RACO Encompass Product Partner

We make integration easy.

As a proud member of the Rockwell Automation® Encompass Program, RACO offers three reliable remote monitoring products that fully integrate with your existing Allen-Bradley® controllers. Explore this site to learn how easy it can be to monitor your critical operations around the clock with RACO! Not sure which RACO product is right for you? Check out our product selector tool now. M2M Monitoring and Alarm Notification

A Wireless, Web-based Alarm System From Your Trusted Source is a low-cost, wireless, web-based alarm detection and notification system ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.'s features include the following:

  • Access to — an exclusive SaaS application that makes OPC-compatible. allows users to share data with their HMI / SCADA software and third-party applications. Download the brochure for full product information, or click here to see it in action!
  • Real-time Reporting — Collect real-time data via a web-enabled WRTU 24 hours a day. Features include RTU health reports, M2M output and over-the-air firmware updates.
  • Totally Wireless RTU — Easy to install. Goes where landlines can’t, with 98% availability across North America.
  • Reliable, Web-based Communication — Triple-redundant, secure website links WRTU with system.
  • Click here
    to see
    in action!
  • Secure, 24/7 Access — Retrieve equipment and status info anytime, from any web-enabled device or by calling a toll-free number.
  • Robust Monitoring & Control Functionality — Simple configuration through system templates. Integrates eight digital and two universal inputs, and two relay outputs. Receive status of all channels — including analog — in
  • Straightforward User Interface — Determine system operation locally at a glance. No additional equipment required.
  • Custom User Templates — Easier configuration remotely or locally. Optimized for water and wastewater pump applications.
  • Intelligent System Indicators — Immediate status updates for a number of functions: signal strength, transmission, local service registration, armed / disarmed, AC / battery, on / off.
  • On-demand Custom Reporting — View system alarm and status reports, including battery and charging / discharging status. Data exports with customizable ranges.
  • Flexible Alarm Notification & M2M Control — Instant alarm notification by voice, SMS, pager and email. Ability to control locally connected devices.
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates — Allows users to update WRTUs remotely — no need for a field visit.

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Alarm Monitoring

  • Digital inputs: 8
  • Universal inputs (UI): 2
  • UI configurable analog alarm inputs: 2
  • UI configurable digital alarm: 2
  • Digital outputs: 2


  • Battery backup: 24 hours, 12 V @ 1.2 Amp hr
  • Power management: System intelligently manages power during power failure.
  • Battery charging: Precision voltage control maximizes battery life and rapidly recharges the battery after power failure.
  • Power failure: Automatic alarm for external power failure and low-battery detection
  • Solar power: The WRTU is operable directly from a 13.6 VDC solar power unit. Average current is 175 mA or less.
  • Surge protection:
    • Digital inputs are opto-isolated and rated at 5,000 V.
    • Universal inputs are rated at 600 watts.
    • Power input is protected to 1,500 watts peak. The fuse is automatically reset.


  • Operating temperature range:
    • -30–70° C
    • -22–158° F
  • Storage temperature range:
    • -40–85° C
    • -40–185° F
  • Humidity: 0–95%, non-condensing

Web-based Interface

  • Monitor: View your system activity on a single, straightforward dashboard screen.’s user-friendly, web-based interface puts everything you need right at your fingertips. The easy-to-use control panel allows you to access WRTU status, digital channel open / close, analog measurements, pump status and arm / disarm notifications. You can still monitor alarm activity (across multiple stations) and details of alarm acknowledgement activity on demand.
  • Report: Generate comprehensive reports on demand with just the click of a mouse. gives you immediate access to the custom reporting you need, so creating your reports is simple. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to generate comprehensive reports and pump-station analyses. The collected data can be analyzed to optimize system efficiency for your operation. The onscreen interface provides customizable ranges, which allow you to view your data as you specify.

    With a few simple clicks, your interface will produce your selected reports on demand, including digital reading, analog reading, pump runtime, pump GPM, pump starts ratio, pump station flow, pump performance, arm / disarm events, WRTU commands, real-time channel status, template reports and RTU health reports.
  • Configure: Easily set and administrate the parameters of your system. provides extreme flexibility for custom configuration. Add stations. Change alarm parameters. Manage users and update their notification preferences. All this functionality and more is possible through clear instructions and drop-down menus that allow you to manage your selections in just seconds.


  • Three-year parts and labor warranty.


Part Number Description List Price
900AA-102DCRT Digital WRTU with Indoor Enclosure Download Brochure $1,695
Order now
901AA-102DCORT Digital WRTU with Open Chassis Download Brochure $1,645
Order now
902AA-102DCNEMART Digital WRTU with NEMA 4X Enclosure and Phantom antenna
Download Brochure
Order now
903AA-102XRT Digital WRTU Real Time Upgrade For All Models Download Brochure $1,195
Order now


Optional Enclosure and Cable Kits

Enclosure Type Description List Price
NEMA Enclosure Antenna and Cable Kits NEMA Enclsoure Antenna and Cable Kits Dependent on kit selection.
View kits
Indoor Antenna and Cable Kits Indoor Antenna and Cable Kits Dependent on kit selection.
View kits

Universal Accessories

Part Number Description List Price
805AA-SPU AlarmAgent Solar Power Upgrade $995
Order now
828AA-NSB AlarmAgent Signal Booster for NEMA 4X enclosure $250
Order now
828AA-ISB AlarmAgent Signal Booster for Indoor enclosure $250
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Additional universal accessories >


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