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RACO Encompass Product Partner

We make integration easy.

As a proud member of the Rockwell Automation® Encompass Program, RACO offers three reliable remote monitoring products that fully integrate with your existing Allen-Bradley® controllers. Explore this site to learn how easy it can be to monitor your critical operations around the clock with RACO! Not sure which RACO product is right for you? Check out our product selector tool now.

Verbatim Gateway: Alarm Monitoring for PLCs and HMI/
SCADA Systems

Complete PLC Alarm Monitoring and Interfacing Capabilities in a Single Device.

Verbatim Gateway is a field-proven, stand-alone alarm monitoring and reporting solution. More reliable than PC-based alarm systems, you can depend on it to perform in mission-critical applications due to its fault tolerance and internal battery backup. Robust yet affordable, Verbatim Gateway monitors operations and notifies personnel of problem conditions — anytime, anywhere — for a one-time cost. No extra service contracts or plug-ins required!

Verbatim Gateway’s features include:

  • Easy, cost-effective integration with PLCs and HMI / SCADA systems supporting Allen-Bradley® PLCs (EtherNet/IP™, DF1, DH485), AEG Schneider PLCs (Modbus® Master RTU, Modbus TCP) and all other compatible Modbus RTU Master devices
  • Alarm monitoring and reporting functionality for PLCs and HMI / SCADA systems
  • Now
    supports EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols!
  • Monitoring from 32 to 96 registers for everything from pumps to PLCs for alarm notification and status checking from a single-package solution
  • Real-time communication using landline, cellular phone or numeric pager, to as many as 16 user destinations
  • A single-package solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple PLC processors on multiple networks — even on networks with foreign protocols
  • No required modifications for existing network configuration, PLC wiring or programs
  • An exchange of data between PLC devices on incompatible networks via Gateway mode
  • Voice-format responses to all user interactions, including converting data register numeric values into spoken voice messages
  • Multiple alarm notification methods

Watch the Overview

Learn how to install, program and utilize the Verbatim Gateway.


Alarm Monitoring

  • Digital alarm inputs: 4
  • Optional digital alarm inputs: 8, 16, 24, 32
  • Registers: 32
  • Optional registers: 64, 96
  • Optional analog alarm inputs: 1, 4, 8, 16
  • Optional digital outputs: 4, 8

PLC Communications

  • Fully compatible: Requires no modifications to existing network configuration, PLC wiring or programs.
  • Remote data table access: Monitor or alter any data table location on demand via front panel or telephone.
  • System security: Access protected by security codes.
  • Alarm monitoring: Continuously monitors 32, 64 or 96 registers.
  • Gateway function: Provides for exchange of data between PLC devices on incompatible networks.
  • I/O export: Able to continuously transfer internal I/O and alarm data to remote PLCs.
  • Supported protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP, Allen-Bradley DF1 and Allen-Bradley DH485 (programming port).


  • RS232 port: RJ485 modular connector
  • RS485 port: modular connector
  • Ethernet port (optional)
  • Standard Centronics parallel printer port
  • Serial printer port: RJ45 modular connector


  • Power requirement: 105–135 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 15 watts maximum or 8–14 V DC at 500 mA maximum.
  • Battery charging: Precision voltage controlled, including automatic rapid recharge after drain.
  • Battery backup: 13 hours.
  • PLC I/O point sensing: Two RS232/RS485 ports.


  • Surge protection: Integral gas tube and solid-state protectors on all phone, power and signal lines.
  • Accommodates field-installed upgrades.
  • Rugged metal indoor enclosure.
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg).
  • Dimensions: 11 7/8" H x 9 3/4" W x 5" D.
  • Mounting centers: 11 3/8" vertical x 6" horizontal.

Speech Messages

  • Digitally recorded user messages — over 10 minutes of recording time.
  • Users record their own messages. Also includes resident vocabulary for programming guidance and for default "alarm/normal" speech if no user messages are recorded.


  • Dials up to 16 different numbers, each up to 60 digits long.
  • Alarm acknowledgment is by touch-tone key or by calling back.
  • Built-in speaker phone allows two-way conversation.
  • Rotary pulse or tone dialing, keyboard selectable.


  • Temperature range: 20–130° F.
  • Humidity: 0–95%, noncondensing.


  • Five-year parts and labor warranty.


Part Number Description List Price
321VPLC-4C-32AB Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 32 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs. Download Brochure
Order now
323VPLC-4C-64AB Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 64 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs. Download Brochure
Order now
325VPLC-4C-96AB Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 96 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs. Download Brochure
Order now
325VPLC-4C-32ET Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 32 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs; with EtherNet/IP.
Download Brochure
Order now
326VPLC-4C-64ET Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 64 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs; with EtherNet/IP.
Download Brochure
Order now
327VPLC-4C-96ET Verbatim Gateway Autodialer. 96 PLC Addresses;
4 Alarm Inputs; with EtherNet/IP.
Download Brochure
Order now


Optional Enclosures

Part Number Description List Price
480BNEMA-4X Verbatim NEMA 4X locking enclosure. $175
Order now
481BNEMA-4XW Verbatim NEMA 4X locking enclosure with window. $315
Order now
482BNEMASL Verbatim stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure. $680
Order now


Part Number Description List Price
500VPPC-1 6' Parallel printer ribbon cable $50
Order now
501VSER-01 6' Serial printer cable $50
Order now
502VMB-2 6' Serial Modbus communication cable $50
Order now
503VBB-1 6' Bristol Babcock communication cable $50
Order now
505VMBM-1 6' Serial micro PLC cable $50
Order now
510VAB-1 6' Serial Allen-Bradley DF1 communications cable $50
Order now
511VAB500-1 6' Serial Allen-Bradley DH-485 communications cable $50
Order now
512VAB5-CO 6' Serial Allen-Bradley PLC Channel 0 communications cable $50
Order now
513VAB5-KE 6' Serial Allen-Bradley 1785-KE Module communications cable $50
Order now
514VAB5-KF 6' Serial Allen-Bradley 1770-KF2 Module $50
Order now
515VAB-ENI 6' Serial Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENI Module communications cable $100
Order now

Universal Accessories

Part Number Description List Price
522VDC Verbatim 24 VDC operation. $300
Order now
523BUL Verbatim UL approved AC power supply. $50
Order now
524VLAR Verbatim local alarm relay output. $100
Order now
525VHT Verbatim heater/thermostat. $120
Order now
532VOMG Verbatim Gateway Owner’s Manual. $30
Order now

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