Cellularm LTE Service Activation Worksheet

How do I activate cellular service for my Cellularm LTE phone?





In order to activate the cellular telephone it is necessary to select a service provider, and obtain:


  1. Service Provider Contact


Name of Service Provider _____________________________________

 Contact Person _____________________________________________


Telephone Number__________________________________________



2.    Provide the cellular provider with IMEI (Example: 357541090173917)

3.    Ask that VOICE ONLY service be activated. This number also appears on a white label on the front of the phone.


4. Provide the cellular provider with your Area Code preference, if there is a choice


The service provider will, in turn, provide a SIM Chip containing all information needed to activate and use the phone. The phone uses the micro (3FF) SIM.


      5.  Install the SIM Chip in the phone