Installation of the Heater and Thermostat Option for Verbatim

Where can I find the reference document for Installation of the Heater and Thermostat Option for Verbatim?

The following items should be included in your upgrade kit:

  • 2 power resistors and a thermostat pre-wired together
  • 6 - 6x32 flathead screws and 2 nuts to mount the kit


  • Unplug unit. Unplug all cables. Unscrew and remove the main board from the enclosure.
  • Drill and countersink holes in the sides as per the accompanying diagram. Deburr, then remove any filings left in the box.
  • Mount the resistors and thermostat.
  • Use 18 gage wire to wire the resistors and thermostat as shown, covering the connections with heat shrink tubing for safety (in most cases, this will be pre-done at the factory)
  • Remount the board in the box, then reattach the telephone cable connections. Note that you will have to unmount one of the resistors in order to get the board in, and then remount the resistor.
  • Reattach wires and cables,
  • Reattach the AC cord.
  • Double check your work, then plug the unit in.

*See this file  for a detailed diagram

heater and thermostat diagram