Introducing AlarmAgent.Info

Is there any way to integrate my AlarmAgent Realtime data and a 3rd party application running HMI or SCADA?

Yes, we are now offering OPC connectivity to 3rd party applications using our new AlarmAgent.Info application and it's SaaS software. It is a cost-effective solution for individual and corporate users, and the perfect tool for OEMs to create their own HMI / SCADA applications.

For a complete description and list of features, please click on: AlarmAgent.Info Brochure


To install AlarmAgent.Info, first download and run the 64-bit version of the AlarmAgent.Info from the installer link below. Then download and run the dashboard upgrade. You will need to perform both steps for the application to run properly.

Note: The original installer defaults to the "Program Files (x86)" directory. We recommend that you change the directory to something different, i.e. C:\RACO as the default is a protected directory and may cause problems.

To install the 32-bit version of AlarmAgent.Info, follow this link 

To install the 64-bit version of AlarmAgent.Info, follow this link