AlarmAgent -- Blink rates and LED color changes for Transmit LED

I have noticed that the Transmit LED while normally green, will flash red or amber. What can I learn about the blink rates and color changes of the Transmit LED?

The following outlines the various blink rates and color changes for the Transmit LED:


  • Blink    -  Network Active
  • Green   -  All is Normal
  • Red      -  Something has Gone Wrong
  • Orange - Operation is Pending

OFF: No Service, no adverse events, no reports waiting
GREEN: Service Available, no reports waiting or adverse events
FAST BLINK GREEN OFF: Service Available, some report is waiting to transmit. The LED blinks OFF for about 100ms at 1 Hz
FAST BLINK GREEN ON: Service Unavailable, some report is waiting to transmit. The LED blinks ON for about 100ms at 1 Hz

The patterns and colors below this point have precedence over any Service available/Unavailable indications. The RSSI LEDBAR suffices to determine actual network availability.

BLINK GREEN: Blinks for 10 seconds after WRTU receives complete command or acknowledgement.
RED: Some report has died and no attempts are pending.
ORANGE: Modem configuration is in progress. If in AUTO mode, orange LED will persist until service is found.
BLINK RED: Waiting to re-submit a transmit request. A prior request has failed.
BLINK ORANGE: Waiting for tower response to transmit request (will wait for a maximum of 30 seconds)
BLINK GREEN-ORANGE: Waiting for acknowledgement, on initial attempt
BLINK ORANGE-RED: Waiting for acknowledgement, after initial attempt