Trusted remote monitoring, alarms, and controls 

Eliminate headaches and overcome problem conditions with RACO's world-class remote monitoring, alarm notification and data logging applications. 

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Monitor, alarm, and control

Advantages of our solutions

Building on more than 70 years' experience, RACO monitoring and data logging systems enhance the efficiency, safety and security of your critical systems.


Real-time reporting

Get access to the data you need, whenever you need it. With cloud-based solutions and real-time data logging, you'll never be left guessing. 


Peace of mind, 24/7

Sleep easier at night and keep critical environments secure with our straightforward and robust alarm monitoring systems. 


Cost-effective alternatives

From one-time payments to efficient integrated solutions, our products provide the safety you need at a cost you'll love.


Durable, long-lasting devices

Don't use temporary fixes for critical problems. In a disposable world, our quality products stand the test of time.

Focus on you

Easy to implement

We make it easy to find, order, and install all of our systems. 

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Unrivaled experience and expertise

Backed by 75 years of experience 

Crafted to last, RACO systems stand the test of time. Become part of the extensive community of clients who have elevated the efficiency, security, and resilience of their critical infrastructure. 


RTUs deployed

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5 trillion

Hours of monitoring

It is crazy to us, too!



Age of oldest known operational unit

Manage operations anytime, anywhere

Built with 75 years of experience

Explore our range of solutions that keep you informed, secure, and in control. From real-time remote monitoring systems to sophisticated alarm setups and versatile data logging tools, our products are engineered for precision and unmatched reliability. Empower yourself with our robust systems.



A low-cost, web-based alarm detection system fit for permanent and temporary applications. Built with real-time reporting, secure 24/7 access, and a slick user interface, this device is simple but robust.



Verbatim® is a flexible, landline solution for your alarm monitoring applications. Its powerful programmable functions, combined with its field-driven modular design, can handle even the most demanding use cases.

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Telephone line unavailable? No problem. Avoid downtime with RACO's cellular terminal. This provides temporary or permanent telephone services in the event of an unexpected incident and works with any standard phone.  

Use cases

Key features

Explore the unparalleled efficiency of our systems in action, directly where it matters most – out in the field. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to withstand the rigors of real-world application, proving its reliability and effectiveness in various environments. Discover firsthand how our solutions are transforming operations, enhancing performance, and driving success across industries. Join us on a journey to see our innovative systems in action, demonstrating their capabilities and how they excel in delivering results beyond expectations.


Cloud-based alarms

Harness our wireless alarms across a range of different use cases, including water treatment plants and facilities monitoring. Our products have even been used to monitor temperature changes and AC functions in Times Square billboards!


Cloud-based SCADA

Take advantage of cloud-based SCADA enhancements with our® product. This allows you to gather real-time data visualizations of your facility ecosystem, all from your preferred dashboards and screens. 


Landline autodialer

Our cellular autodialer alarm systems are fit for monitoring critical environments, such as sewage plants. The system tracks power failure and sewage wet well levels without anyone present. When conditions are met, the system calls for help. 


PLC integrated alarms

Add monitoring and alarms to existing SCADA systems. Support for multiple protocols and PLC types. Even integrate across different PLC technologies. Gather important data for your teams, as well as a history of alarm responses, and avoid catastrophe with a proactive approach.