Trusted alarm system


Cloud-based detection for critical infrastructures.


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Why it's critical


Fail-safe system for rapid response.


Constant connection

Dependable communication with data security guaranteed.


Updates and reports

View status info from anywhere. Collect real-time data, anytime.


Multiple alerts

Avoid incidents with notifications by email, voice call and text message.


Custom templates

Simple configuration from a remote location or on-site. 

Simple interface

Easy to use, update and configure. No additional equipment required.

Widely available

Goes where landlines can't, covering 98 percent of North America.

Reliable monitoring

Act fast with AlarmAgent

This triple-redundant system ensures a constant connection and a fail-safe performance. Should an incident occur, it'll send notifications through multiple channels. And it offers reliable connectivity across 98 percent of North America.




AlarmAgent™ Brochure - PDF Download


Dialer Specifications - AlarmAgent™ - PDF Download | DOC Download

Owner's Manual

AlarmAgent™ Installation Manual - PDF Download

AlarmAgent™ User Manual - PDF Download

AlarmAgent™ CSA Manual - PDF Download™ Owner’s Manual - PDF Download


AlarmAgent™ Autodialer Submittals - PDF Download

Sample Graphs

Duplex Pump Station – Pump Station Efficiency Report - PDF Download

Triplex Pump Station – Pump Station Efficiency Report - PDF Download

Triplex Pump Station with Pulse Flow Meter – Analog Report - PDF Download

Sample Data Log Files

Duplex Pump Station with Pulse Flow Meter – Pump Station Efficiency Report - PDF Download

Triplex Pump Station with Pulse Flow Meter – Pump Station Efficiency Report - PDF Download

Duplex Pump Station – Arm / Disarm Report - PDF Download

Multipurpose Process Performance – Analog Report - PDF Download

Sample Email Reports

AlarmAgent™ Watch Dog Alarm Email - PDF Download

AlarmAgent™ Alarm Notification Email - PDF Download

Account Setup

Easy Online Form to Activate a new RTU - Click here

Digital AlarmAgent™ Notification Service Contract - PDF Download

Real-time Configuration Form - XLSM Download

Application Bulletins

Connecticut Quarry Trusts AlarmAgent to Monitor State Mandated Parameters - PDF Download

Lake County Finds the only Partner They Can Trust - PDF Download

Keeping Water Flowing in a Growing Town Without Breaking the Budget - PDF Download

Monitoring Savannah Harbor to Protect Sensitive Habitats - PDF Download

Polk County Utilities Stays in Control withAlarmAgent™ - PDF Download

Time Square Advertising Stays On with AlarmAgent™ - PDF Download

L.A. County Finds Reliable Pump Monitoring in AlarmAgent™ - PDF Download

Keep The Pumps Pumping (Water & Wastes Digest) - PDF Download

Leading Pump Company Adds Value to Equipment Rentals with AlarmAgent™ - PDF Download

Massachusetts Town Entrusts AlarmAgent™ to Safeguard Their Wastewater System - PDF Download

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