Flexible and reliable


A modular design for an alarm system that flexes with your needs.


Why it's critical


Fully interactive for intelligent response.


Modular design

Expandable architecture for digital inputs, analog inputs, and digital control outputs.


Versatile functions

It autodials, monitors, remotely activates responses, and so much more.


Initiates commands

When it receives a signal alert, it can remotely activate a response to avoid an incident.


Anytime access

Get status updates or control a device remotely from any standard touch-tone phone.


Non-volatile memory

Recorded alarm messages and user-entered programming are retained indefinitely.


Battery backup

A rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation in the event of a power loss.

Built to last

Powerful and durable

Built for the toughest environments and backed up by battery, its modular design provides scalable and continual monitoring for the most demanding applications. 


A smarter way to monitor alarms

Verbatim Connect

Verbatim Connect is an easy add-on that enhances the Verbatim system with advanced notification and reporting capabilities. With Verbatim Connect, you’ll be able to:


Receive cloud-based alarm notifications

by SMS message, email, pager or phone


Get complete alarm history

with alarm notification reporting


Monitor your fleet

from a single dashboard



Verbatim Automatic Dialing Remote Monitoring System - PDF Download

Verbatim Product Line and Accessories - PDF Download


Dialer Specifications - Verbatim Model DSP - PDF Download

Dialer Specifications - Verbatim Model DSP - DOC Download

Owner's Manual

Verbatim Owner's Manual - PDF Download


Verbatim Autodialer Submittals - PDF Download

Mechanical and Electrical
CAD Drawings

Verbatim with No Options - PDF Download

Verbatim with NEMA 4x Enclosure - PDF Download

Verbatim with Cellularm Option - PDF Download


Verbatim Connect Options Bulletin - PDF Download

Digital Input Monitoring Option - PDF Download

Analog Signal Input Monitoring Option - PDF Download

Remote Supervisory Control Option - PDF Download

Data Communications Option - PDF Download

Modbus Interface Option - PDF Download

Application Bulletins

Dallas Aquarium Increases Animal Protection - PDF Download

New England Small water system implements 24-hour monitoring - PDF Download

Closed-Loop Control System for Remote Facilities - PDF Download

Chemical Distributors Monitor Customer Inventory Levels with RACO Verbatim Systems - PDF Download

RACO Central Watchdog System Automatically Verifies Phone Line and Autodialer Operation - PDF Download

National Energy Group Application Presentation - PDF Download

South Carolina Sewer Group is Streamlining for Success - PDF Download

Account Setup

Verbatim Connect Configuration Form - XLSM Download

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