Working with RACO is a choice. We take seriously our commitment to you as our customer. There are some clear benefits.


Proven reliability

Maintain peace of mind and limit the time your staff need to be onsite with our dependable, long-lasting remote monitoring systems. The devices will keep track of performance and environmental conditions warning you automatically about exceptions.


Anytime, anywhere

Never miss an alarm or data

Our cutting-edge hardware and software keep you fully enlightened on your system's status, ensuring you're always in the loop.


Industry expertise

Built with your industry in mind

Decades of combined expertise fuel the innovation behind our solutions. We understand your requirements intimately because we've walked a mile in your shoes.


Modern technology

Cloud-based architecture

Each component of our system is meticulously crafted to align with your operational needs, exactly how you envision them. Leveraging the latest in cloud technology, our solutions simplify your workflow by removing the necessity for complex, difficult-to-set-up, and costly hardware.


Turn-key design

All-in one solutions with easy setup

Operators face an overwhelming number of challenges in today's fast-paced environment. Fortunately, our products stand out for their simplicity and user-friendliness, making installation a breeze—even for a city council member.


Modular and customizable

Built the way you need it

Standardized products are great for the manufacturer. They often stink for the customer. We have found the right balance with our modular, yet highly customizable hardware and software that lets you tailor YOUR system to what you NEED.



Do not break your budget

End-to-end monitoring, alarms, data logging, and analytics at a fraction of the price of traditional SCADA. That is even before you consider the expense and time needed to design and implement a traditional system. 



World-class support

Get answers from a person. Our US-based support staff is standing by to help resolve any issue you might come across. From startup, to onboarding, ongoing training, and repairs, we do it all. We get to know you as a customer. 



Keep yourself safe in an increasingly dangerous world

With our technology, you can boost the resilience of your secure infrastructure, increase your monitoring points to cover a wider range, and gather extensive data logs and samples. We take cybersecurity seriously. We take site-security seriously. Use RACO products to harden your security posture and keep your critical assets and systems safe.


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