AlarmAgent -- CSA --alarm configuration

How are RTU channels configured for alarming?

To proceed with Alarm Configuration, click on the Alarm Config tab.

Alarm Criteria: The pulldowns for each channel indicate which choices are available based upon the selected Application Template. For digital channels that are not pre-assigned to specific functions based upon your Application Template setting, you may select Normally Open, Normally Closed or Status Only (meaning that the channel will not generate alarms regardless of closed or open input). For analog channels, the criteria can be configured for high and/or low setpoint alarms (based on ).

Notification Group: If you have created Notification Groups under Manage Users as described above, the names of all such established Notification Groups are listed in the pulldowns. Simply select which Notification Group you wish to receive alarm notifications for this channel. This should also be done at the top of the page for Power Failure, Battery Failure, and Watchdog (missed reports) alarm notifications.