AlarmAgent -- CSA -- Manage Group Membership

How do you manage Notification Groups?

To designate the name of a new group, click on the - Add Group Names - button. Enter your chosen name for this group, along with any explanatory comments you may wish to enter.

  • Once you have established the existence of a group by giving it a name you will need to select which users in your system are to be included in this group.
  • On the Manage Group Membership page, select a Notification Group from the dropdown box.

On the right hand side of the page, a listing of available users will appear.

This list consists of all users currently entered into your system, excepting users already included in the currently selected group.

  • To add users to the selected group, select a user from the list of available users and click on the - Add Member - button.
  • To delete users from the selected group, select a user from the current group membership list and click on the - Remove Member - button.

When alarms occur, alarm notifications will progress endlessly until acknowledged, rotating repeatedly through the Notification Sequence you establish. It is imperative that you include enough group members to assure that alarm notifications will be promptly received and acknowledged. This is to prevent undue proliferation of unanswered messages, in case some group members cannot be reached to receive and acknowledge notifications. Notification Sequences can assist with this.