AlarmAgent -- CSA -- Manage Notification Sequences

Can you explain how to manage notification sequences?

Once you have established which users are included in a given group, you will want to specify the order, timing and methods by which each member of the group is to be notified when there are alarms which you have linked to the given group.

On the Notification Sequence page,

  • First, select the group you wish to deal with.
  • On the right hand side of the page is a list of all the groups members (users you have added to the selected group).
  • From this list, select the group member who you wish to be notified first.
  • Select the notification method, and click on the Add button.
  • The group member and notification method now appear on the left hand list.
  • Continue to add group members and notification methods, to establish the order and notification method you desire for alarms you will be linking to this group.

The notification sequence you establish can include the same group member more than once, whether via the same notification method or via different methods. You can also change the order of members in the notification sequence, as well as delete members, by selecting the member and then clicking on the Move Up, Move Down or Delete buttons.

Notification Intervals: Once you have established the desired notification sequence for this group, you may choose to alter the notification interval for each notification in the sequence. This is the interval in minutes between any given notification and the next notification in the notification sequence. You may enter notification intervals of 5 to 240 minutes. The default value is 10 minutes.

Even for companies with a limited number of users, the flexibility of establishing Notification sequences can assist in meeting the imperative of having enough group members to avoid a long proliferation of duplicate unacknowledged alarms, when the main group members are not available to acknowledge alarm notifications.

The Ideal Strategy

The ideal strategy is to include backup group members who might not be the ideal persons to deal with the alarm, but who can nevertheless acknowledge an alarm notification and end an otherwise ongoing series of unacknowledged notification messages.

Thus you should place one or more backup group members at the end of a Notification Sequence, perhaps after duplicate notifications of the primary group members. You can thus arrange several notifications to the primary group members before the sequence falls through to the backup members.

See example below...

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 11.58.48 PM