AlarmAgent -- CSA -- Manage Users -- Adding a User

How do I add a new AlarmAgent user to my company?

  1. From the Administrator tab, select "Manage Users."
  2. Scroll down and click on the "Add User" button.
  3. Enter information on the user in the indicated fields.

Note: Some fields must have entries in order to be accepted. These fields are marked with an asterisk. 

Some special considerations regarding entering user information:


Entry Accuracy

Entering notification information (especially phone numbers) must be done with particular care, to avoid someone getting nuisance calls, and to assure that the actual users receive the intended notifications.

User Name

This is the name used for logging purposes.

Web Site Login Name

This is the login name given to users and CSAs to access the web site. Login name must be unique to the system, and be between 8 and 25 characters.

Web Site Password

Password requirements: must include 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 digit, 1 special, and be between 8 and 25 characters.

Phone PIN

These are needed only if you elect to have individual Phone PINs required. This is a system wide setting which was covered in another section. If you will be electing to require Phone PINs, then during voice phone notifications the user will be prompted, and required, to enter their personal Phone PIN in order to hear the alarm information and to acknowledge the alarm. Similarly, if you are establishing Phone PINs, users will need to enter them when placing calls to the toll free phone number. Individual Phone PINs add detail to the event logs which provide an audit trail of alarm notification and acknowledgment events. Only numbers are allowed for Phone PINs and must be 1 to 5 digits in length.


Designated by the CSA and is visible on the Manage RTUs page.

Cellular, Land Line 1, Land Line 2, and Text messaging Phone Numbers

Enter phone number(s) in the proper field(s) that will be used to notify users. These separate phone entries can be used when creating a notification group.


This field is a requirement. This email address is used to verify users and can be used to receive alarm notifications when set up in a notification group. A welcome email is sent to this address. The user will be asked to click on the link included to verify that the email address is valid.


Two steps are required in order to arrange for text notifications to be sent to a user's alphanumeric pager. (Numeric pagers are not supported.) First, enter your pager PIN or phone number. Some pagers have a PIN, which may be 7 digits in length, and some pagers have a regular 10-digit phone number. Second, use the pull-down list to the right of the pager number / PIN entry box to select the user's pager carrier. Only pagers from carriers on this list are supported. If you don't see the user's pager carrier on the list, it is possible that the carrier has been acquired by another pager carrier. Check the most recent pager bill for the name of the carrier.

Preferred Notification Method

This is important if you elect not to establish Notification Groups. Without Notification Groups, when alarms occur, the Notification Sequence will revert to simply notifying all users in your system solely by the notification method designated as preferred. Also when there are no notification groups assigned for a given alarm condition, notifications will be generated in the order in which users appear on the Manage Users page. This order of listing and notification can be altered by entering desired alternative order numbers in the Ordinals area appearing on the right hand side of the page, clicking on the Save Ordinal button. This order is irrelevant if you elect to establish Notification Groups for all alarm conditions.

Access Level

This setting determines whether this user has Administrator (CSA) rights.

Important Note: It is highly recommended that there be at least two users with CSA rights in your system, in case CSA access is needed when one person is unavailable.

Automatic Email Notification to Users

When you click on either Save button on this page, the selected user is automatically sent an email with his or her individual password information.

Email Verification

All new users, and users who change their email address, will be sent an email containing a link. Clicking on this link will tell our system that your email address is valid and that this user can receive alarm notifications via email.

Changing User Information or Status

Click on the Edit User button and make the desired changes.