AlarmAgent -- CSA -- Report Configuration

How do you configure AlarmAgent for reporting?

To proceed with Report Configuration, click on the Report Config tab.

This page allows entry of supplemental information for the selected RTU which is needed in order for the AlarmAgent web site to complete the compilation of the primary template reports. The specific items appearing on this page depend upon the Application Template which has been selected for this RTU.

For Application Templates 1 -4 (Pump Station Reports):

DIFFERENTIAL WELL/TANK VOLUME: In order to calculate GPM for each pump and total station flow, the AlarmAgent web site needs to know the volume corresponding to the difference between the low and high cycle levels for the tank or well (the levels at which a pump normally turns on and at which the pump normally turns off).

This requires you to measure and then enter the difference in height (the differential height) between these two levels, as well as the diameter of the well or tank (if it is round) or the width and length (if it is rectangular). Before entering the dimensions, you must select the method which will be used for the calculation.

You may select one of the following:

  • Length & Width (if you will be entering the measured length and width of a rectangular well or tank)
  • Diameter (if you will be entering the measured diameter of a tank or well)
  • Direct Volume Entry (if you will be directly entering the known Differential Volume of the tank or well in gallons, rather than having it calculated by the web site.)

When you make this selection and enter the basic length/width or diameter measurements, the web site automatically calculates the corresponding Differential Volume for this pumping station, when you click on the Calculate D. V. button. The calculated result appears in gray because it is not a user-entered value in this case.

If you enter the Differential Volume directly, the calculation process will be bypassed. If a pulse flowmeter is installed at this station (Application Template 2 or 4), you will also need to enter the number of gallons of flow represented by each pulse generated by the flowmeter.

     Optional Parameters: The Pump Performance reports also include cumulative run time for each pump, as well as two tracks of hours until maintenance for each pump.

This Report Configuration page allows you to enter any desired starting points for these cumulative values. Likewise, you can enter starting values of one or two run times until maintenance is required for each pump. When each corresponding item of maintenance is performed, you would enter a new starting value for run time until the next maintenance.

     Note: You can enter values such that the cumulative run times shown on the Pump Performance reports match any existing physical run time meters at the pumping station.

For Application Templates 5-7:

Configuration items for Template 5 will depend on the channel type configured. If channels are set to Runtimer or Totalizer, there will be parameters for total runtimes, hours to maintenance,