AlarmAgent -- Receiving and acknowledging alarm notifications

Can you tell me a little about receiving and acknowledging alarm notifications?

Voice Phone Calls : Alarm notifications via voice phone calls begin with AlarmAgent identifying itself as the caller If your CSA has chosen to require the entry of PINs, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.. The name of your system (company) is stated. AlarmAgent will then state that there are one or more unacknowledged alarms. It will also state the RTU name and the channels which are in alarm

Then you will be prompted to do one of the following:

  • Acknowledge the alarm (stop notifications) (Press 9)
  • Snooze the alarm (see explanation below) (Press 7)
  • decline to accept the alarm (let notifications proceed to other users) (Press 0)
  • repeat the alarm information (Press 5)

If there are additional unacknowledged alarms, they will be stated one by one, with the same set of choices for each alarm. If there are no more unacknowledged alarms, AlarmAgent will so state.

Snoozing : Snoozing suspends further notifications for the alarm until the configured number of hours have elapsed. At that later time, if the alarm condition has not returned to normal, a new set of notifications will begin. If the CSA has elected not to allow snoozing of alarms, then the snooze option will not be mentioned in the phone call.

Return to Normal : If your company�s CSA has chosen for notifications to occur when the alarm condition returns to normal, you will receive such notifications, with a similar set of choices.

Special Cases : Occasionally an alarm will be acknowledged by someone else during the call being placed to you. If this should occur, AlarmAgent will so state. If there is an area wide power failure resulting in simultaneous power failure alarms from multiple RTUs, a special message will so state. If there are more than five such alarms, the first five RTUs will be identified, and AlarmAgent will state that there are additional RTUs experiencing this power outage. You may log onto the web site to view the names of the remaining RTUs with power failure alarms.

Email Notifications : Email notification messages will identify the system (company), as well as the RTU name and the channel(s) in unacknowledged alarm. It will include a link to the web site where you can directly acknowledge the alarm.

Text Notifications : Text Notifications will also identify the system (company), RTU and channels in alarm, but the information may be partially truncated. To acknowledge text messages you may use the link provided, log onto the web site, or call the toll free phone number.