AlarmAgent -- RTU Status page

What information is available on the RTU Status page?

This selection allows you to view the detailed status of the RTU as of the time of the most recently received transmission. This is usually the time of the most recent scheduled report or realtime data.

The status page includes:

  • Name of your Company
  • Name of the RTU whose status is currently being viewed
  • Version of Firmware this RTU is running 

Along with the following information:

Alarms in the Last 24 Hrs : As the title suggests, this is the number of alarms generated by this RTU in the last 24 hours. Usually the value will be zero.

Configuration Changes Pending : The cellular network which AlarmAgentTM uses requires a delay of at least two minutes between transmissions to the RTU. This item indicates how many such commands are presently waiting to be sent, which almost always will be zero. This is an issue for CSAs to deal with.

Last Contact with RTU : This is the time and date of the most recent contact between the web site and the RTU.

Next Scheduled Contact with RTU : This is the time remaining before the next scheduled transmission report is expected to be received by the web site.

RTU's Signal Strength Indicator : This is an indication of the radio signal strength as of the most recent transmission from the RTU. The signal strength indicator on the RTU has 10 (ten) LED bars. The number of bars illuminated will provide information needed to determine the percentage of signal strength.

WATCHDOG ENABLED : If you do no want to receive watchdog alarms, this feature can be disabled by clicking on the "Disable Watchdog" button. Click on button to re-enable. If you have disabled the watchdog alarm, but want it to be automatically enabled when there is any contact from the RTU, click on the checkbox to enable this feature.

RTU ARMED : Normally the RTU should be in the ARMED state. When the RTU is DISARMED, it will not send any alarm transmissions. However it will still send periodic reports.

Last Known RTU Location : Fields include the lattitude and longitude information that reflect the location of the RTU. The location data can be entered manually, or by positioning the icon on the map provided by clicking on the "Edit on a Map" link. Save location to retain location information.

Channel State Legend : Directly underneath the �Last Known RTU Location� is the channel state legend. This legend details the color coding of channel states and the description associated with each color coding. The "S" and "E" designation indicate if the channel is configured for realtime as either a sampled (S) channel or one that reacts to events (E) on that channel.

A channel is suspended if it has been subjected to excess alarm activity. The suspended state will clear within 24 hours, or it may be cleared manually. Refer to a CSA in your company regarding suspended channels.

Channel States, AC Power, Battery States, and Relay States : Below the �Channel State Legend� is the display of last known channel states. This list contains the channel status color indicator as described above, the current channel message, and the last known state of the RTU channels, AC Power, Battery and Relays. Digital channels will show the OPEN or CLOSED state of the channel, which is the last known state of the inputs, that were transmitted during the last contact with the RTU.

Channels currently in alarm will have the "Escalating" text des