AlarmAgent -- Shutting down the unit properly

I have now installed the WRTU and completed the wiring and want to shut down the unit until the rest of the project is complete. How do I shut down the unit properly?

You should use the Power On/Off pushbutton on the unit. This will send a shutdown report to the web site.

If you simply remove power, you will get a power failure alarm. If power remains off, a watchdog alarm will be created, since the web site has not received a shutdown report.

If you need to remove power completely, wait until the unit is completely shut down (meaning the unit has sent the shutdown report, and the web site acknowledged receipt). If the unit is to be without power for a long period of time, you will need to put the battery disconnect jumper back into the right-hand position. Leaving the battery connected for a long period of time will drain the battery to the point where it may no longer take a charge and would need to be replaced.