AlarmAgent -- Unexpected Return To Normal (RTN) notifications

Why am I getting "Return to Normal" notifications when I did not first receive an alarm notification and my company is configured for "no action on return to normal"?

There can be a few reasons why you may get a notification that informs you that a particular channel has returned to normal.

Here are a couple of examples of how this can occur: 

1.  A transition report died due to transmission failure. If the web site sees a transition report from the RTU with a "RETURN to NORMAL", the web site assumes that the channel had to transition from NORMAL, through an "ALARM" state, to get to "RETURN to NORMAL." Therefore, an alarm notification is escalated. 

2.  The channel transitioned from NORMAL, to ALARM, to RETURN to NORMAL, before the transition report was sent from the RTU. This can happen when the transition report is waiting in the queue to be transmitted. The contents of an enqueued report are updated immediately prior to transmission. This insures that obsolete channel state data is not transmitted. To reduce the frequency of RTN notifications, increase the trip delay for the channels with this problem. This will reduce the amount of state changes and allow a channel to transition from NORMAL to ALERT back to NORMAL without escalating to an alarm notification.