AlarmAgent -- WRTU -- Choosing a Location for the WRTU and Antenna

What is the best location to mount the AlarmAgent WRTU? What is the best place to mount the antenna?

The location you choose for installing your AlarmAgent WRTU is important if the antenna is mounted directly on top of the WRTU. This is because the antenna location has a lot to do with the signal strength of the wireless connection to the local cellular tower. If the antenna is to be located separately from the WRTU, then the mounting location of the WRTU is not as critical.

To select an optimum location for either the WRTU with top-mounted antenna or for a separately located antenna, use the bar-graph LED signal strength indicator built into the WRTU. To view the signal strength indication, turn on the WRTU.

  1. If input power has not yet been connected, you can still view the bar graph which will flash along with all other LEDs.
  2. The stronger the signal strength is, the more segments that will be illuminated.
  3. At least four segments of the bar graph should be lit, allowing for momentary variances.
  4. Allow a few seconds for the indication to adjust to any new antenna positioning.

Note: If you are installing the WRTU inside a metal enclosure, it will be necessary to install an antenna at a separate location outside the metal enclosure. If the WRTU is being installed in a control panel at a location other than the final destination, issues of antenna placement and network testing will need to be dealt with separately at the time of final installation at the ultimate WRTU site.