Alarmware off-site configuration - possible?

Is it possible to do the Alarmware configuration on one PC, then backup that configuration and move it to another PC to download to the autodialer?

Yes it is possible to configure Alarmware configurations on two different computers. There are a couple of ways to do this, but here is the quickest.

  1. On Computer#1 make configurations.
  2. Then, connect to the Catalyst and EXPORT the configuration to the Catalyst.
  3. Next, on Computer#2 create a new RTU with the same specs (# of channels/model #).
  4. Connect to the same Catalyst and IMPORT the configuration to Computer#2.

If you don't have access to the Catalyst,

Perform the following process:

1. When you create a new RTU with Alarmware, the data is placed in a .NVM file. When you work online or offline with the RTU, the messages window will show the "NVM file path." It should look like this:

  • Current working directory is : D:\RACO\Aware_v187
  • NVM file path is : D:\RACO\Aware_v187\\data\tem56.nvm
  • LOG file path is : D:\RACO\Aware_v187\\Log\tem56.log
  • Firmware Version: 1.87, AWARE.EXE version: 1.87

2. In this example above, the name of the file is "tem56.mvm" [located on Computer #1]. This is the file you will need to copy.

3. On Computer#2 ADD a RTU with the same model# and number of channels.

4. Click the "Work Offline" button.

5. Note the NVM file path and the name of the .NVM file created.

6. In this example, the file is named "new.nvm."

7. The next step is to over-write "new.nvm" file with the "tem56.nvm" file from Computer#1. Transfer the tem56.nvm file to Computer#2. 

8. Now overwrite the new.nvm file, as in this example:

         Copy tem56.nvm C:\RACO\AWARE\DATA\new.nvm Over-write? = Yes

This will complete the process. If you work offline with the RTU created on Computer#2, you will see the configurations made have been transferred.