Bandwidth and Latency Issues with Network Applications

What are the concerns about bandwidth and latency with Network applications?

Network applications must always be concerned with bandwidth and latency:

  • The bandwidth available to the RTU will determine how fast the scan loop can be completed.
  • The scan time will be effected by baud rate, protocol overhead, network loading, can contention for specific nodes.
  • The number of Catalyst channels that are scanned also contributes significantly.
  • The latency for a channel is a measure of how long it has been since the value for that data point has been updated.
  • This latency is a function of the channel scan time, the response time of the remote node, and any occurrence of a communication glitch.
  • You can use Alarmware to determine scan time.
    • Just connect with Alarmware and select "Net Diagnostics -- Summary Reports" from the Diagnostics menu.
    • The value will be shown in the report, located in the "Messages for RTU" window.