Checking AlarmAgent radio lights

The lights on my AlarmAgent are confusing - how do I understand what they mean?

When to check the XMIT and Signal Bar LED:

  1. Website is sending watchdog notifications.

Check for the XMIT and Signal Bar:

  • If XMIT (transmit) LED is GREEN or flashing orange and Signal Strength Bar LED is OFF. Check the antenna connection and cycle the power to the unit. If this doesn’t correct the XMIT issue test using a different antenna.
  • The XMIT and signal bar may go off for short periods and come back. This is OK.
  • If the XMIT LED is OFF and / or the Signal Strength Bar is OFF, please request an RMA for further troubleshooting.

Signal Strength Bar is good but you are not getting alarm calls:

  • Check to see if the “suspended” light is on.  To reset the suspension press the ARM button twice (once to disarm it, wait 2 seconds and then once again to re-arm it). The “suspended” light should go out and alarms will then be reported.
  • Check field Wiring. LEDs above the inputs should light up red whenever the inputs are closed (shorted to common).  Whenever the inputs are open the LEDs should shut off.
  •  Check alarm sequence.  Yellow violation light should turn on right away when you are in alarm, then after the trip delay (set on the web site) has been expired, the alarm light should turn on. The AlarmAgent should then begin to transmit. The XMIT light (left of the Strength bars) should began to blink orange and red.