Complete setup report showing all channel setup and alarm points

Is there any way to generate a complete setup report showing all channel setup and alarm points?

When you program the Catalyst with Alarmware, all programming is saved to your computer as a .nvm file in the data subdirectory. In this way, you have a copy of all the programming separate from the Catalyst itself.

There is no way to generate an automatic print out of the programming, but  you can enter the programming  by hand to an Excel spreadsheet, which is included here as an attachment.

To have the programming copied to the "Messages for RTU" window, where the information can be copied to any text file, simply connect to the Catalyst with Alarmware. Select Dianostics from the menu bar and the following options are available:

  • Factory Settings Report
  • Statistics and Counts Report
  • File System Diagnostics
  • Channel Diagnostics
  • Device Diagnostics
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Network Diagnostics - Self Test
  • Destination Diagnostics
  • Active Channel Configuration Report - only active channels, not disabled channels