Copy one Catalyst Configuration to another Catalyst Configuration

Can I copy one Catalyst configuration to another Catalyst configuration?

Yes, you can copy one configuration to another while working offline. The Copy operation cannot be performed while connected online.

If you not already added the new RTU, click on the Add button on the Select RTU dialog.


Enter the required information and click Set.

Once the RTU has been added, select the unit and click on the Work Offline button.


You are now working Offline with the RTU.


Click on "Copy" from the top level menu items. The "Copy Configuration Items" dialog will appear.


Click checkbox to select "All". Click on the "Copy" button.


Click on the RTU that you want to copy from, and then click on the "Select" button. The configuration should now be copied to the new RTU. Check the "Messages for RTU" window to verify "Copying all configuration data from ....". You can now quit or edit the parameters for your RTU.