Dimensions of the AlarmAgent WRTU NEMA 4X enclosure

What are the dimensions of the AlarmAgent WRTU NEMA 4X enclosure?

8�x6�x4� Screw Cover

A: 9.75"       = Overall Length
B: 8.75"        = Mounting Feet Hole Spacing/Length
C: 6.44"       = Overall Width 
D: 4.00"        = Mounting Feet Hole Spacing/Width
E: 8.44"        = Overall Enclosure Length
F: 5.20"        = Overall Enclosure Height (All Dimensions in Inches) 
G: 4.75"        = Internal Height
H: 4.25"        = Internal Height Above Back Panel
I : x"              = Internal Panel Mounting Boss Width
J: 4.25x6.25" = Internal Panel Mounting Boss Length
K: 4.00"         = Mounting Feet Attachment Boss Width
L:  5.25"         =Mounting Feet Attachment Boss Length
(All Dimensions in Inches)