Disarming and Arming the Catalyst Based on Time-of-Day (Shift)

How can alarm notification be suspended on the Catalyst based on time-of-day? That is, it is desired to disarm the Catalyst during times when personnel are present and to re-arm when personnel leave the process area.

The DISARM/REARM button on the Catalyst is used to manually perform the indicated functions. The Catalyst can also be DISARMed and REARMed using Alarmware from Over the Phone (OTP) programming. Importantly, there is also an Automatic REARM Delay that may programmed ranging from 2 to 9999.0 minutes. The default Automatic REARM is set at 60 minutes.

Thus, in cases where is desired to DISARM at a certain time, say at the start of a work shift starting at 8:00 AM, the Catalyst may be manually DISARMed. At the end of the work shift, say ending at 5:00 PM, the Catalyst having been programmed with an Automatic REARM delay of 540 minutes, would automatically REARM. Therefore, in this example, insuring that Alarm Notification is active after personnel have departed at the end of the workday.