Does Daylight Savings Time affect my RACO product?

How do the new dates for Daylight Savings Time affect my RACO product?

The change to the start and end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) may affect your RACO autodialer.

   CHATTERBOX - Not affected (no internal clock).

   GUARD-IT - Not affected (no internal clock).

   VERBATIM - Verbatim is affected only if it is connected to a printer (locally or via Central Data Logger) or if it uses Alarm Ready Scheduling. You will have to manually adjust the time when it changes for your area. In that sense, there is nothing changed in the way Verbatim functions, as it has never had a DST option.

   VERBATIM SCADA In general SCADA equipped units are shipped without a real time clock, since the data is kept on the Central Station Computer and date stamped there. It is up to the Central Station operator to manually adjust the PC to the correct time, or obtain patches from Microsoft to do it automatically. If the SCADA unit also has a serial printer connected to it, or if it uses Alarm Ready Scheduling. In either of these cases, see Verbatim (above).

   VERBATIM GATEWAY - Same as Verbatim (above).

   CATALYST In Alarmware, while connected to the Catalyst, go to Configuration/ Devices, then the Time/Date tab. In the Daylight Saving box select Off. Check the box Set RTU time equal to Alarmware host time. This disables the (now incorrect) internal DST control, and the time correction will be done by connecting to Alarmware at the appropriate times. Alternately, using keycodes:

          423*1 set DST OFF
          422*MMDDYYD set the date

ALARMAGENT Not affected. The time is kept at the web site and customers interaction is limited to selecting the time zone and whether or not to respect DST. AlarmAgent gets the correct time from the cell tower while connecting.