Email Reports Not Delivered

Why are my email reports not being delivered?

Catalyst email is now considered an obsolete feature...

The Catalyst has responsibility for delivering the report to the ISP�s SMTP server. Once the ISP has accepted the report, it assumes responsibility for delivery to the destination address. This responsibility can then be handed off to other servers as the email is relayed across the internet. Most of the time this all happens reliably and quickly without a hitch.

However, some problems can occur:

Network congestion � delivery can take many hours. Any server along the route could be a culprit. Solution here would be to find a more reliable ISP for the Catalyst.

Misspelled recipient � delivery will never happen. A failed delivery notice may be sent to the ISP account, and so will be received by the Catalyst System Administrator. Solution is to spell the email address correctly.

Destination has an inbound server problem � again, delivery never seen. The ISP serving the destination account is the responsible party in this case. Solution here would be finding an ISP for the destination account with better performance and reliability.