How do I integrate ControlLogix L72 using a 1761-NET-ENI module to the Verbatim Gateway

We tried integrating a ControlLogix L72 processor version 21 with the verbatim gateway using the 1761-NET-ENI module and the proper cables (515VAB-ENI cable) but had no luck.

We setup the NET-ENI properly and configured the Verbatim Gateway properly but weren't able to get things working. I know the NET-ENI and Verbatim are setup properly because we had an SLC 5/05 that we were able to use as the alternative when things didn't work with the L72 processor.

So currently the SLC is connected to the NET-ENI connected to the verbatim and everything is working fine.

We setup the proper SLC mapped register in the L72 and tried several others (on recommendations from Raco tech support) but nothing seemed to work.

We even tried an L62 processor on an older firmware ver 17 but had no luck over ethernet with it. It has a serial port and we tried setting it up and were able to communicate to the verbatim using the serial port. But ethernet didn't work.

I'm looking for a solution because we don't have plans to leave the SLC5/05 in place. I'm wondering if there is an issue with the ControlLogix firmware version that you can connect to? Also, if this has been tested, what ControlLogix PLC and version was it tested on. I'd like to try and test in my office.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Chris,

I may have found the cause for your communications issue.

Attached please find the NET-ENI manual.  Please refer to page 5-3.


"In the ENI/ENIW, node addresses 45 through 49 are

dedicated for sending messages to any Logix

controllers with integral Ethernet ports. In addition,

when sending messages to a ControlLogix controller

via a 1756-ENBT, the controller MUST be in slot 0 of

the ControlLogix chassis for the message to be

delivered to it.

Node addresses 0 through 44 are to be used for all

other Ethernet devices, such as other MicroLogix

controllers connected to ENI/ENIW modules or other

controllers with integral Ethernet ports, such as SLC

5/05, PLC-5E, and MicroLogix 1100."