How to program phone numbers into my Verbatim.

Programming phone #'s into the Verbatim

To program phone #'s into the Verbatim follow the steps below. 

Note:  You can program up to 16 phone #'s into the Verbatim. 

Press Program to get into programming mode.

Press 701 followed by your first phone humber Enter (That will save that phone # into the 1st slot)

Press 702 followed by your second phone number Enter (That will save that phone # into the second slot)

703 for the 3rd slot

704 for the 4th slot  


and so forth........


Below is an example if the phone number you wanted in the first slot was 777-555-6666  

7017775556666 Enter 

Add a 1 if it's long distance and depending on your area you might have to add your area code even for local calls.  Rule of thumb:  Put in the phone # as you would dial it on a hand held phone.  

There is also a dial out function on the Verbatim that would allow you to test the dial out.  Press Dial out and you should hear a dial tone.  At that point use the keypad on the Verbatim to dial out as you would a hand held phone.