I am not getting emails from AlarmAgent. What's causing this?

I am not getting emails from AlarmAgent. What are the possible causes of this?

If a user has been added to your company at AlarmAgent.com, but the user has not received a "Welcome" or "Verification" email, you will first want to check the user's information to ensure that the user's email address has been entered correctly.

Next, you will want to send an email to yourself to verify that you can receive emails at that address.

After you have verified the correct email address has been entered, and you have verified that you can receive emails, then the problem may be that the AlarmAgent.com emails are being sent to your email's spam/bulk folder.

To ensure that email from AlarmAgent.com is not sent to the spam/bulk folder, add AlarmNotification@alarmagent.com to your list of contacts. This will prevent AlarmAgent.com emails from being re-directed.