Input & output combinations on the Verbatim autodialer

What are the combination of inputs & outputs I can have on the Verbatim autodialer?

4 dry contact inputs (We supply 5vdc to the inputs, On open circuit there is no current. On closed circuit, there is up to 10ma of current.) are supplied on the motherboard as part of the basic unit.

Above that number, all dry contact inputs go to one circuit board.

  • That board can have 8, 16, 24, or 32 inputs.
  • In addition, to any one of those, a second analog card can be supplied with 1, 4, 8, or 16 analog signals.
  • And then, to any combination of those inputs, you can have another card with 4 or 8 outputs.

So, you can have a maximum of 32 dry contact inputs with 16 analog inputs, and 8 AC or DC outputs.

Note: The analog and output cards require a Daughter Card Assembly, (a 3 slot expansion rack) so that there is a slot to plug them into. Also, the outputs may be supplied with an external relay box