Installation of the Local Alarm Relay / Line Seizure Option for Verbatim

Where can I find the reference document for Installation of the Local Alarm Relay / Line Siezure Option for Verbatim?

A summary file of these instructions is available here.

The Verbatim provides a 5 volt output that is turned on whenever the unit goes into alarm. This is available at JB4, located at the top center of the main board. Use a molex style 2 pin connector to plug onto the JB4 pins. This output can activate a sensitive (500 ohm +) relay such as a Potter & Brumfield KHU 17D11-6). Connect a 150 ohm,1/4 watt resistor across the relay coil. The Potter & Brumfield relay plugs into a socket (#27E166) which is shown in the accompanying figures. Note that it has four separate circuits in SPDT form. This relay may be used for local alarm, line seizure, or both.


  • Wire the relay coil as described in the introduction.
  • Wire the local alarm to one of the four circuits of the relay. In the illustration, the numbers refer to the four separate circuits, and C refers to the coil terminals.
  • Note that the Verbatim does not provide the power for the alarm, it functions only as a switch.
  • The program code for Local Alarm Relay configuration is 96000, which is the factory default.


  • Line Seizure is a feature that ensures that the dialer will seize the phone line when it goes into alarm, cutting off any phones/ FAX/ or answering machines that may be on line at the time (these are called the downstream phones, as they are “downstream” from the Verbatim). These phones will remain cut off until the alarm is acknowledged.
  • The phone jack must be an RJ-31X, which is available from the phone company or a phone supply outlet.
  • In operation, the Verbatim plugs into the RJ-31X jack and makes contact with the middle four pins, which are the standard red, green, yellow and black wires. When the unit goes into alarm, it breaks the downstream connections, thereby seizing the line. It waits two seconds to allow a dial tone to come up, then dials out.

NOTE: You may combine the Local Alarm Relay with the Line Seizure feature simply by using one of the spare circuits (3 or 4) for the local alarm.


  • Wire the relay coil as described in the introduction.
  • Wire the four terminals of the telephone input terminal strip to the relay as follows (please refer to accompanying figures):

Terminal Strip Relay

R      COM circuit #2
G      COM circuit #1
Y      N.C. circuit #1
B      N.C. circuit #2

  • Wire the special RJ-31X line seizure jack as follows (refer to the accompanying figures).
  • Connect a jumper wire from terminals 1 to 3 and a second jumper wire from terminals 6 to 8. Connect the incoming telephone line red wire to terminal 4 and the green wire to terminal 5. Connect the downstream extension phones to terminals 1 and 8.
  • Plug the Verbatim into the RJ-31X socket.
  • Program the Verbatim with code 96001 [ENTER]. This is the code for Line Seizure configuration of the Local Alarm Relay.

*See the attachment below for a detailed diagram