Installing 4Mb Memory Expansion Module

How do I install the 4Mb Memory Expansion Module available for the Catalyst?

To install additional NVRAM on the Catalyst, please adhere to the following procedure:

1. Start by saving your configuration to Alarmware. Connect Alarmware to the proper Catalyst and import the configuration. Quit the session after import completed.

2. Next, press the "Power Off" key on the front panel of the Catalyst.

3. Remove power from the Catalyst by disconnecting the battery, then unplugging the main power cord from it's power source.

4. Open the Catalyst cover.

5. Find the two plastic supports provided and install them on the "System Board" as shown. The collared end of the support should be facing down. Press down on the supports until they snap into place.

6. Next take the flash memory board and line it up with the connector as shown. Make certain that all pins are lined up correctly and press down until completely seated.

7. Install the support screws and tighten.

8. Reconnect the battery.

9. Close the Catalyst cover and reconnect the power source.

10. The Catalyst will automatically Power ON and then will reformat the file system.

11. Reconnect with Alarmware and export the saved configuration.