Is your RACO product in need of a tune up?

My RACO product has been in service for a long time. How do I order factory recommended service?

RACO has developed a Preventative Maintenance Program for all RACO autodialers as a value-added service for our customers. This program will ensure that your RACO Automatic Dialing and Remote Monitoring System will operate at peak performance.

We've made factory reconditioning simple and economical. Please review the order form below. You can send your autodialer to us for factory maintenance or you can elect to go with our economical PM-3 Kit for customer installation. (NOTE: the battery manufacturer recommends replacing batteries every 2-3 years if the Autodialer operates under normal power conditions. If power failure occurs and your battery back-up is used to run your RACO unit, an earlier replacement may be required.)

With factory preventative maintenance, you get everything needed to bring your system up to peak running condition. You get complete system testing, replacement of worn or defective components, firmware upgrade, new batteries, and our latest owner's manual. And as an added bonus, you get a free loaner and a one-year warrany on parts and labor.

Make sure that your system performs when it's needed.

Just follow this link - Preventative Maintenance Inquiry and fill out and submit the order form, and we'll get right back to you with a maintenance schedule.