Locked up Verbatim or Verbatim Gateway

My Verbatim is locked up. How can I determine the cause?

This document refers to Verbatim and Verbatim Gateway dialers.

What is Lockup?

Your dialer is locked up if there are lights on and/or a hissing sound from the speaker, but no response to the keypad. It can be caused by a number of things, some of which may be easily fixed in the field.

Procedures to try in the field

     1. Expansion cards in wrong.
The most common cause of lockup is when an expansion board is plugged in wrong. The expansion boards are the channel expansion card, analog cards and com cards. They run side to side across the middle of the main board, supported by the card guides. The card guides are really just supports, with enough leeway to allow boards to be plugged in incorrectly. Therefore, it becomes a primary cause of lockups. Examine the diagrams below to see how it should look when plugged in correctly (Fig. 1 and Fig. 5).

(Please see attached document for illustrations)

Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3

Fig. 2 shows the most common way for an expansion card to be misaligned. The symptoms will usually be a steady hissing sound in the speaker, some lights on, and no keyboard response.The cure is just to unplug it and put it back in the slot as in Fig. 1. This is most easily done by watching the pins go in the socket, rather than just by feel. The correction for Fig. 3 is to just push down evenly on both sides of the expansion card, making sure there is nothing blocking the board from seating correctly. You can unplug and reseat the cards with the power on, it won�t hurt the card or the unit. Having the card plugged in wrong does not hurt the card or the unit either. After correctly inserting the card, clear the memory back to factory defaults by shorting the two pins of JB3 together for 3 or 4 seconds.

Another way to plug an expansion card in wrong is shown in Fig. 4, with a whole row of pins out of the socket.

(Please see attached document for illustrations)

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

The symptoms are a little different than before. If the card is an expansion card, you may not see a lock up, but the inputs will not respond, and you may have an odd pattern of lights. Other expansion cards plugged in this way will cause a complete lockup. As before, the cure is just to plug it in correctly as in Fig. 5, then clear the memory by shorting The JB3 pins together for 3-4 seconds.

      2. Lithium battery dead or loose.
Symptoms include keyboard locked up and an interrupted (about once a second) hissing sound in the speaker. JB3 reset will clear it, but if the unit is turned off and then back on again it will be back in the same condition. Any time you remove or replace this battery you must clear the memory (JB3) and reprogram. Even a momentary loss of contact ( like a hard bounce in the back of a pickup truck) will scramble the memory.

Check the lithium battery (silver watch battery in upper left hand corner of the Verbatim) voltage while the unit is turned off. It should be over 3.0vdc as measured from the top of the battery to ground (use one of the commons on the terminal strip TS1 at the bottom left of the main board). Check that the spring clip is making good contact by measuring the voltage again, but taking the reading from the spring clip rather than the battery itself.

      3. Daughter card is partly out of the socket.
This applies whenever an option card requires a daughter card (VDB3a). This card has a double row of pins that plug into the main board. Occasionally, pulling an option card out will partially draw these pins out of the socket, resulting in a lockup. Visually inspect for alignment, then push down over the pins to seat them properly. Some small amount of the