My AlarmAgent will not power up / turn on

My AlarmAgent will not power up / turn on. What should I do?

If your AlarmAgent RTU will not power on when you push the power button, you can usually point to the battery. The RTU battery needs to be connected and properly charged. During the installation process, the battery disconnect jumper should be moved from the storage position to the normal operating position. The AA-102 RTU is shipped with the battery disconnected as a transportation safety measure.

The battery must be connected, even when external power is applied.  If you do not perform this necessary step, the RTU will turn itself off shortly after you turn it on.

To connect the battery, remove the cover and locate the jumper pins marked BATT DISCNT JP6 on the right hand edge of the circuit board near the bottom.  Move the jumper from the right hand position to the left hand position. 

In the event the battery jumper has already been moved, the battery may be discharged. When the RTU is to be stored for any length of time, the battery jumper needs to be placed back in the right hand position. It is very important that the RTU battery does not discharge to a level where the battery is unresponsive to recharge. If the battery is allowed to this level, then the battery must be replaced.

Even if the RTU is OFF, if the battery disconnect jumper JP6 is in the on position, and no external power source is connected, then the battery will be drained in about 60 to 90 days.