Over the Air Firmware Updates

Is there a way to update the firmware of an AlarmAgent unit remotely, without having to visit the physical location of the unit?

Yes, the next generation AlarmAgent units now have the ability to receive "Over the Air" (OTA) firmware updates.

For the third and fourth generation units, running the following versions of firmware, it is possible for RACO representatives to remotely upgrade a unit's firmware.

  • v3.0, v3.1 Obsolete
  • v5.1, v5.2  Obsolete
  • v6.0      Obsolete
  • v6.1 GSM   Obsolete
  • v7.0 LTE
  • v7.1 LTE

Your RACO representative will gladly help you determine if and when your unit's firmware should be upgraded as well as assisting you in scheduling the over the air updates.