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ControlLogix: Connectivity interfaces for Rockwell Automation ControlLogix (1756) processors

1756-MVI 'C' Programmable Communications Interface for ControlLogix
1756-MVID 'C' Programmable Communications Interface for ControlLogix
MVI56-101M IEC 60870-5-101 Master Communication Module
MVI56-101S IEC 60870-5-101 Slave Communication Module
MVI56-103M IEC 60870-5-103 Master Communication Module
MVI56-103MR IEC 60870-5-103 Master Communication Module with Reduced Data Block
MVI56-104S IEC 60870-5-104 Server Communication Module
MVI56-3964R Siemens 3964R Protocol
MVI56-ADM 'C' Programmable Communications Interface for ControlLogix
MVI56-ADMNET 'C' Programmable with Ethernet
MVI56-AFC Gas & Liquid Flow Computer for ControlLogix
MVI56-AFCA Gas & Liquid Flow Computer with Extended Archives for ControlLogix
MVI56-BAS BASIC Module (DB/BAS Compatible)
MVI56-BDW Bardac drive.web Communications Module
MVI56-BSAPS Bristol Babcock Serial Slave Module
MVI56-CAS Teledyne CA Slave Communications Module
MVI56-CLVM Command Language Master Communication Module
MVI56-DEM Honeywell DE Master Communications Interface Module
MVI56-DFCM DF1 Half/Full Duplex Master/Slave Communication Interface Module
MVI56-DFCMR DF1 Half/Full Duplex Master/Slave Interface Module with Remote Chassis
MVI56-DH485 DH485 Communication Interface Module for ControlLogix
MVI56-DH485R DH-485 Communication Module for Remote Chassis
MVI56-DNP DNP 3.0 Master/Slave Communications Interface Module
MVI56-DNPSNET DNP 3.0 over Ethernet Server Communications Interface Module
MVI56-FLN FA Control Network Communication Interface
MVI56-GEC Generic ASCII Ethernet Communications Interface Module
MVI56-GSC Generic ASCII Serial Communication Interface Module
MVI56-HART HART Multi-drop Communications Interface Module
MVI56-LNG Landis & Gyr 8979F Communications Interface Module
MVI56-LTQ Limitorque Valve Communications Interface Module
MVI56-MBP Modbus Plus Dual Port Communications Module
MVI56-MCM Modbus Master