Recent Events section of the System Dashboard

Can you explain the "Recent Events" section on the System Dashboard?

The "Recent Events" section of the System Dashboard contains information about "Unconfirmed Relay Events" and "Realtime Threshold Events."

The "Relay Schedule" feature, once enabled, allows the user to configure each relay to CLOSE once per day, and then OPEN once per day based on the configured event times. Confirmed Relay Events are displayed in the Non-Alarm Events Log. If a scheduled event is not confirmed by the RTU by sending a report to the system, a missed relay event entry is made in the "Recent Events" section, and a "Missed Relay Event Confirmation" email is generated.

When Realtime Events get near their threshold of maximun events per day for a particular channel, notification is sent via email, and will also display on this section of the dashboard. You will be notified when events reach 90% of the maximum allowed events per day. Another email and dashboard entry will be triggered when 100% of events allowed per day threshold is exceeded. Event counts are reset at basetime.

Events are using the "duration of acknowledged alarms on dashboard" parameter to control when to remove entries from the recent event section of the dashboard.