Report Delivery Rules

What are "Report Delivery Rules?"

The term 'delivery rule' refers to the option that governs when items are considered reported.

The delivery rules are set using Alarmware�s configuration->destination->notification report tab dialog.

There are 3 options for delivery rules as listed below:

1. Continually Until Acknowledged: Unacknowledged channel states are never considered as reported. Other channel states and log file items are considered reported as described under Until Reported option below. Hence, as long as there are any unacknowledged alarms, notification sessions are attempted and each report starts from the beginning.

ALWAYS USE THIS RULE for destinations relied upon to provide alarm acknowledgment. This is the default rule for any destination type that has the ability to provide operator acknowledgment during the session (see table below).

2. Only Once: All channel states as of the moment are considered reported at the moment the destination is contacted. Thus, no report will resume after initial contact and subsequent sessions happen only as new state changes or schedule events occur. Log file items are considered reported as described under Until Reported option below.

NEVER USE THIS RULE if relying on the destination to archive data or to provide alarm acknowledgment. Rather, use only when partial reports are acceptable and session resumption is not desired.

For Example:

  • Avoid exhausting a fax machine�s paper supply (at the risk of loosing report data) by setting the page limit to a small number and selecting this delivery rule. Reports will stop at that limit and not be resumed later on.
  • Allow factory floor personnel to stop a PBX report without complete delivery and without requiring acknowledgment of all alarms.

3. Until Reported: All channel states and log file segments are considered reported if and only if they are confirmed received by the destination. New sessions will take place, in rotation, only so long as there are unreported items. Reports will resume as required, and omit any data already reported. This rule guarantees that every event and channel state is reported and that those reports are not repeated.

DO NOT USE THIS RULE when report repetition is desired. Any destinations fully relied upon to notify or correct alarm conditions should use the continually until acknowledged delivery rule.

For Example:

  • There is no end-to-end confirmation of paging reports.
  • This exposes any given report to loss (if the pager is turned off, for example).
  • Hence, repetition is desirable for pager destination types.