USB Ports and Connecting to the Catalyst

Will I be able to use the USB ports on my computer to connect with the Catalyst?

The Catalyst and Alarmware can adapt easily to using a USB port.

  1. First of all, you will need to get a "USB to Serial" adapter. (Available here: Model Number 707CAT-PC3, USB Computer Cable for Catalyst)
  2. Install the adapter per manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Next, attach the USB to serial adapter directly to the Catalyst cable.

Once the adapter is installed, it will have been assigned a COM port number. This is the COM port that you will select in Alarmware. If you are not sure which COM port was assigned to the adapter:

  • Go to your Control Panel and click on the System icon.
  • Go to the "Device Manager" and look up "Ports."
  • The display should indicate which port was assigned to the adapter.

Note: Alarmware will allow you to select from a list of 16 serial COM ports in support of USB connections.

To make the COM port selection within Alarmware:

  • Go to the Options Menu and select COM Port.
  • When the COM Port settings dialog appears, make your COM port selection from the pull-down.
  • Click OK and launch the Select RTU dialog.
  • You should now be able to connect to the Catalyst via the new USB COM port!