User Access to the AlarmAgent web site

What can you access on the AlarmAgent web site when designated as a "User"?

User Access to the Web Site

The Web site shall allow all users to do the following:

  • View a "System Dashboard" which provides an overview of any alarms, acknowledged alarms and other special status conditions of all RTUs in the system. This shall include a list of any RTUs, which are Off Line or Disarmed.
  • Generate and view reports for each RTU in the system. Available reports for all users shall include Pump Performance, Analog Reading, Status History and Arm/Disarm reports.
  • Pump Performance Reports shall present critical pump performance data for each selected RTU over a selected span of time in both tabular and graphic form. The data presented shall include:
    • Daily and cumulative Run Time for each pump
    • Ratios of daily run times
    • Daily number of starts for each pump
    • Ratios of number of starts
    • Calculated GPM performance of each pump
    • Calculated Station Flow without need for flowmeters at the pump station
    • Time Until Maintenance Due (based upon cumulative run times, two tracks)
    • Daily Hours with 2 pumps running (two pump stations only)

  • The graphs shall be designed such that any significant emerging anomalies in pump operation (GPM, starts, etc.) shall stand out visually at a glance.
  • The Web site shall provide "Next RTU" functionality so that the user can view these key graphs in immediate succession for all RTUs in the system.
  • RTU Status Reports shall present all relevant status details for each selected RTU, including but not limited to the state of each channel. Indications shall be color-coded for rapid review.
  • Event Logs shall include all events related to the Web Site and each RTU, including a time and date stamped log of user Web Site call-ins and logins, alarm events, notifications, acknowledgements, configuration changes by user and commchecks.