What is Comm-Check?

What is Comm Check?

Comm-Check Enhancement

Comm-Check is a feature introduced to the AlarmAgent.com RTU in firmware version 2.5. This feature is designed as a way for the AlarmAgent.com RTU to "check-in" with the web site on a scheduled basis. This communication can be configured for 1-hour or 2-hour intervals.

Comm-Check Restrictions

Some RTUs cannot be configured for Comm-Check. Some sites just don't have reliable enough service. Configuring Comm-Check in this case would result in major problems for the customer. With this in mind, customers will not be able to sign up for commcheck without prior approval from RACO.

Comm-Check Reporting

To see when the next expected Comm-Check is expected, navigate to the RTU Status page and look at the "Next Scheduled Contact with RTU" field.

To review the previously received reports, review the Comm-Check events log:

  • Time Requested: The time the RTU queues and attempts to send the Comm-Check report
  • Time Received: The time the web site receives the Comm-Check report
  • RTU's Signal Strength: The percentage of signal strength between the RTU and the cell tower

Watchdog Alarm Specification

You will receive a watchdog alarm if the report is more than four (4) minutes early or more than sixteen (16) minutes late.

Example of Comm-Check parameters: