What kind of cable should I use to extend my antenna?

I need to locate my antenna remotely from my CDMA TriMode cell phone. What kind of cable should I use?

The cable we use is RG-58. It must be a 50 ohm coax. The RG-58 is a high loss cable at 1 dBm per 5 feet. 

We recommend low loss cable, such as RG8x, for applications requiring more than 30 feet of cable, and always recommend as high a gain antenna as is practical.

 A good rule of thumb is to keep the coax as short as you can. It is easier to keep the unit as close to the antenna as possible while protecting it from the elements than to have a really long cable run.

In no case should the antenna cable be longer than 100 feet.

I might also add that there is lower loss coax than the RG8x  mentioned earlier, and if the impedance is 50 ohms, feel free to use it.