When I order a Verbatim Gateway autodialer - what's in the box?

When I order a Verbatim Gateway autodialer - what's in the box?

 In the Box

1. VPLC-4C-32, OR VPLC-4C-64, OR VPLC-4C-96 all with a Power and Phone Cord
2. Verbatim Owner's Manual
3. Quick Start Guide
4. Warranty Registration Card
5. RACO # 10 Brochure

7. If ordered, any of the following options are included in the shipping box with the Verbatim

BUL 12 VDC UL Approved Power Supply
VPPC-1 Parallel Printer Ribbon Cable
VSER-01 Serial Printer Cable
VMB-2 Serial Modbus Cable
VMBM-1 Serial Mirco PLC Cable
VAB-1 Serial AB DF-1 Cable
VAB-500 AB DH485 Cable
VAB5-CO AB PLC 5 Channel 0 Cable
VAB5-KE AB 1785-KE Cable
VAB5-KF AB 1770-KF2 Cable

8. If ordered, the following options are installed inside the Verbatim Gateway.

1A-1E 1 Analog Input Channel expansion
4A-1E 4 Analog Input Channel expansion
8A-1E 8 Analog Input Channel expansion
16A-2E 16 Analog Input Channel expansion
VLDL Local data logging card
VLS Line Seizure option
VDC 24 VDC power supply
VRF Radio interface option
VLAR Local Alarm Relay
VH/T Heater/Thermostat
Vspeechip Additional speech chips

9. If ordered the Verbatim Gateway is installed in the following enclosure options. The power
    and Telephone cords are brought out individually through NEMA-4 fittings.

BNEMA-4X Nema-4X Fiberglass enclosure
BNEMA-4XW Nema-4X Fiberglass enclosure with window
BNEMA-4XSL NEMA-4X Stainless Steel