Why am I getting Watchdog alarms every single day?

This is a huge nuisance - please explain it to me.

There are several possible explanations for getting watchdog alarms on a regular basis:

Poor Signal Strength

If communications with the cell tower is poor, you will encounter intermittent communication problems, which in turn can result in watchdog alarms. The signal strength indicator needs to display at least a 40% (4 LED bars) signal strength to communicate reliably. If the signal strength cannot be improved by re-locating the RTU, please contact your RACO representative or call our Sales line at 1-800-722-6999, There are a variety of antenna options available. We will be able to find the right solution to your problem.

Unit's Battery is Dead

If the unit has been powered on and subsequently powered off without properly moving the battery jumper to the "battery disconnect" position, the unit's battery could be dead. AlarmAgent RTU batteries are designed to perform for many years, but if they are completely drained, they will not be able to be charged again. The battery will need to be replaced. The RTU requires a good battery to operate, so if the battery is dead, the unit will not power on. If the unit was unable to notify the web site that it has been shut down, the web site will expect a scheduled report. When the scheduled report does not arrive, the watchdog alarm will be created. 

Other Equipment Problems

If you have had good signal strength, but suddenly loose all or most of signal strength, there may be a problem with the equipment. If you have an antenna installed, verify it still is installed properly. If the antenna is still installed properly, there may be a problem with the RTU. Conditions at the installation site may have changed since the original installation. Check for obstacles to radio communication at the installed location. Please contact your RACO representative or our sales line at 1-800-722-6999