Wiring the AlarmAgent to get a high high and a low low alarm

How do I wire the AlarmAgent to get a high high and a low low alarm with a single 4 - 20 ma input?

The solution for this problem is to configure both of the units analog channels for one input. They will both be driven from the same sensor or current source:

  1. Channel 9 must be configured for 4-20mA input.
  2. Channel 10 must be changed to Voltage Mode by removing the jumper shunt on the two pin jumper JP9.
  3. You will then need a short jumper wire between the following terminals:  IN9+ to IN10+.
  4. With Channel 10 in Voltage Mode, it will follow the voltage across the current loop sensing resistor of Channel 9.
  5. Configure the setpoint values as desired for channel 9 with the high and low setpoints.  Channel 10 setpoint values will be set for high-high and low-low setpoints.