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AlarmAgent.com Interactive Site Tour
Make the Decision: Landlines, Cellular Wireless, or CCC


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June 2005
Introducing AlarmAgent.com

AlarmAgent.com — RACO's New Wireless, Web-Based System Now Online!

Now you can count on dependable and convenient alarm monitoring and notification in a completely wireless, Web-based system. AlarmAgent.com's online interface is accessible from any Web-enabled device, and puts total system access at your fingertips. Eliminating the need for landline-based connections, AlarmAgent.com represents the next generation of RACO technology.

AlarmAgent.com models

AlarmAgent.com Features:

  • Totally Wireless RTU — Easy to install. Goes where landlines can't, with 98% availability across North America.
  • Reliable, Web-Based Communication — Triple redundant, secure Web site links WRTU with AlarmAgent.com system.
  • Secure, 24/7 Access — Retrieve equipment and status info anytime, from any Web-enabled device or by calling a toll-free number.
  • Robust Monitoring & Control Functionality — Simple configuration through system templates. Integrates 8 digital and 2 universal inputs, and 2 relay outputs.
  • Straightforward User Interface — Determine system operation locally at a glance. No additional equipment required.
  • Custom User Templates — Simplify configuration remotely or locally. Optimized for water and wastewater pump applications.
  • Intelligent System Indicators — Immediate status updates for a number of functions: Signal strength, transmission, local service registration, armed/disarmed, AC/battery, on/off.
  • On-Demand Custom Reporting — Web-based access anytime to system alarm and status reports. View and export data as you specify with customizable ranges.
  • Flexible Alarm Notification — Instant notification of alarm conditions by voice, SMS, pager, and e-mail.

View our interactive AlarmAgent.com System Overview to learn more about our custom WRTU templates and on-demand reports including Pump Runtime, Pump GPM, Pump Starts Ratio, Pump Station Flow, WRTU Commands, Analog Reading, and Arm/Disarm.

For detailed information about AlarmAgent.com, visit www.alarmagent.com. You'll find product brochures, specifications, owner's manuals, and order information. The page also provides sample e-mail reports, graphs, and data log files.

To order this wireless, Web-based system now, order online or call us at (800) 722-6999.

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AlarmAgent.com Interactive Site Tour

Learn what the AlarmAgent.com wireless to Web-based system can do for you! Take our interactive tour now.

Make the Decision: Landlines, Cellular Wireless, or CCC

Selecting a communication platform to meet your application requirements is a critical decision. Learn how to choose the right platform for your business by consulting our white paper "Information Delivery for Remote Monitoring Systems, An Analysis of Communication Platforms." The paper highlights the advantages and disadvantages of three specific platforms: landline, cellular wireless, and control channel cellular.

This white paper gives you a range of valuable information including a background of the remote monitoring systems market and an overview of each communication platform. A section titled, "Making the Decision," guides you through a series of questions you need to ask when choosing a platform, and then refers you to a comparison chart to analyze each option according to the application requirement.

Learn more, download a copy of RACO's white paper, or view an interactive presentation.

To find the product tailored to your communication platform needs, visit our products page.

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Trade-in, Trade-up Program

A special offer for our valued customers! Save $100 when you trade in your old system and trade up to AlarmAgent.com. Available for a limited time only. Learn more.

New Application Note from Hach

This note instructs readers on how to connect the RACO® Catalyst® RTU to the Hach Water Distribution Panel using the Mod I/O Modbus Interface Module. Read Hach application note.

Trade Shows

ACE 05
June 12-15, 2005
San Francisco, CA
Booth 2537

Graybar National Electrical Training Conference
Oct. 13-15, 2005
San Diego, CA
Booth TBD

ISA Expo 2005
Oct. 25-27, 2005
Chicago, IL
Booth 1316

Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2005
Washington, DC
Booth 9346

The Allen-Bradley Automation Fair
Nov. 16-17, 2005
St. Louis, MO
Booth TBD

Catalyst Version 1.87 Now Available

Free Catalyst system upgrade. Enhanced communication with Modbus and GSM cell phones. Now available in version 1.87.

Customer Survey Results

RACO excels in customer service. Learn why another year has passed and we're still reporting a 96% satisfaction rating in this 6-year long survey. View the results.

Coming Soon.

RACO's development group is hard at work on a major upgrade for its popular Verbatim SCADA software program. Watch for a changeover from DOS to Windows in 2005.

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Find out more information – visit our Web sites www.alarmagent.com or www.racoman.com, or call (800) 722-6999. You can also order online, find answers, ask us a question, or request product literature and a FREE CD!

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Introducing AlarmAgent.com